Arcade machine rental: a nostalgic and fun experience for all your events and parties. Machines that defined the 80s and 90s offer a trip down memory lane, packed with classic games that captivate players of all ages.

Available equipment for rental...

Air Hockey Table

Super fun game for 2 players.

Dimensions: Length: 225 cm, Width: 115 cm, Height: 85 cm

Ref: 2301

Price Upon Request

Roll N´ UP

Get the highest score possible by throwing balls into the holes.

Dimensions: Length: 315 cm, Width: 80 cm, Height: 210 cm

Ref: 2302

Price Upon Request

Boxing Machine 

Show your strength, to achieve the highest score possible.

Dimensions: Length: 120 cm, Width: 70 cm, Height: 220 cm

Ref: 2303

Price Upon Request


Machine Crane 

A fun time for the whole family.

Dimensions: Length: 75 cm, Width: 65 cm, Height: 180 cm

Ref: 2303

Price Upon Request

Light Catch

Grab the lights faster than your opponent.

Dimensions: Length: 135 cm, Width: 80 cm, Height: 83 cm

Ref: 2304

Price Upon Request

Foosball Table 

Traditional foosball tables equipped with LED lights.

Dimensions: Length: 145 cm, Width: 140 cm, Height: 90 cm

Ref: 2305

Price Upon Request

Tennis Table 

Rhythm and fun in every move!

Dimensions: Length: 274 cm, Width: 152 cm, Height: 76 cm

Ref: 2306

Price Upon Request

Machine of Arrows 

Included games; Cricket, 501, 301, etc. 

Dimensions: Length: 65 cm, Width: 70 cm, Height: 210 cm

Ref: 2307

Price Upon Request

Pinball Machine 

Play with emotion, your fun in the palm of your hand!

Dimensions: Length: 150 cm, Width: 75 cm, Height: 200 cm

Ref: 2308

Price Upon Request

Sega Rally Machine

We have several SEGA simulators available.

Ex: Scud Race, Out Run 2, Daytona, Sega Rally 1, etc

Dimensions: Length: 160 cm, Width: 150 cm, Height: 190 cm

Ref: 2309

Price Upon Request

GTI Club Machine

Power and Elegance in Motion

Dimensions: Length: 160 cm, Width: 150 cm, Height: 190 cm

Ref: 2310

Price Upon Request

Arcade Pinball Action

Action without limits, unmatched fun!

Dimensions: Length: 95 cm, Width: 65 cm, Height: 177 cm

Ref: 2311

Price Upon Request

Point Blank 2

Super fun shooting game for the whole family.

Dimensions: Length: 110 cm, Width: 80 cm, Height: 207 cm

Ref: 2312

Price Upon Request

Arcade Popeye

Dedicated arcade with the 1982 Popeye game.

Dimensions: Length: 90 cm, Width: 62 cm, Height: 170 cm

Ref: 2313

Price Upon Request

4 Player Arcade

Multi-game arcade for 4 players.

Dimensions: Length: 100 cm, Width: 94 cm, Height: 165 cm

Ref: 2314

Price Upon Request

Arcade Super Hang On

Motorcycle upright arcade .

Dimensions: Length: 100 cm, Width: 80 cm, Height: 164 cm

Ref: 2315

Price Upon Request

Arcade Multi Games

Arcade with over 2000 included games.

Various themes available for rent.

Dimensions: Length: 85 cm, Width: 67 cm, Height: 180 cm

Ref: 2316

Price Upon Request

Arcade Final Fight

Dedicated machine with the final fight game

Dimensions: Length: 85 cm, Width: 67 cm, Height: 180 cm

Ref: 2317

Price Upon Request